Exclusive Memberships, Accountability, Coaching, and Training For Business Owners and Leaders.

"In order to become a champion in every area of your life, you must first develop in yourself the desire to achieve and win. Then you must know everything a champion does that makes them a champion."

~Jon Kovach Jr., Founder & Chairman

Who We Are

Champion Circle is designed to create and foster meaningful connections of trust among an entrepreneurial-minded community of business owners and leaders. Champions learn, work, and train to achieve their goals while utilizing Think-And-Grow-Rich principles and implementing Jon Kovach Jr.'s Irrefutable Laws of High Performance.

Membership provides top-tier accountability measurement and coaching programs and unlimited virtual and in-person personal and professional development training through workshops and events.  Champion Circle provides the tools and resources to effectively share with others, build valuable and profitable connections, and accelerate business results.

“Stop networking the old way! It's ineffective. Champion Circle is not another networking group organized for people to come and exchange business cards or give out referrals to people they don’t know. It was strategically designed to help accelerate results for those who actually want to win.” 

~ Jon Kovach Jr.

Why Join Champion Circle?

With Champion Circle, you’ll connect with Business Owners and Leaders monthly and accelerate your business growth.

Champion Circle is a diverse group of business owners and leaders who are driven to help you build your business like a champion. Draw on the experience and resourcefulness of peers who desire to help you through mastermind conversations, counsel, and resourcefulness.

You will find at Champion Circle the best personal and professional development training to help C-level executives and business owners that accelerate results.

Event Locations:

For more information or to attend an event as a guest, please call/text: Joseph White (720) 408-5524 or email