Ian Stermer

Ian is a best selling author, serial entrepreneur, corporate trainer, and business coach. He cut his teeth in the hospitality industry where he gained a love of helping people smile a little more.


Ian has spoken before thousands from New York to San Francisco to Hong Kong. His decades of real-world experience and his unique perspective on life have made him a popular speaker with businesses, civic groups, and professional organizations.


He has created training programs on customer service for some of the top hotels in the world, including the Mandarin Oriental and Marriott Hotels. Solopreneurs, salespeople, and small businesses have sought his expertise in training themselves and their staff on customer service, sales, and creating collaborative partnerships. He is currently teaching courses on financial literacy and how to use humor to reduce stress and improve sales.

Ian has facilitated small business and entrepreneurship workshops ranging from improving skills and mastering new techniques to mindset shifts and leadership training. His unique method of coaching has helped numerous business owners improve sales and customer satisfaction. 


Ian has successfully started and run businesses in the Customer Service, Human Resources, Business Coaching, and Finance Industries. He has turned around failing businesses and created new growth markets for existing businesses. 


He currently runs Nicer Business Consulting, a consulting firm helping small business startups, and is on the Executive Team for Champion Circle, a networking association that provides high-performance-based networking activities to create connection capital and increased prosperity for professionals.


Aside from business, Ian is most passionate about his family. Nothing is more important than building a happy and healthy family. No other success in life will compensate for failure in the home.